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Life as a Plant Mom

“Plant mom” is legitimately a tag on tumblr and instagram right now, and I’m only kind of disappointed I’m not the only one to use that term to describe myself. Finding that tag was actually pretty awesome, since I then had a whole wall of beautiful loving plant photos to go through and sigh over.


As many of us can hardly imagine being able to take care of a dog or cat, let alone a human child of our own, plants seem to be a nice gentle step into caring for something outside of our person. Besides that, plants are also beautiful to look at, relaxing to be around, purify our air, and can lift our spirits. My ideal living space will be filled with plant life – that’s the thing for me, being surrounded by living things. I grew up with a garden, a living room full of potted plants, and a lot of time spent outdoors, so it feels very comfortable – even necessary – to have a verdant life. Plants don’t ask for much, but give so much just by growing, breathing, being who they are.

That said, I am not good at taking care of plants. I don’t get a lot of light in my apartment, and sometimes I get busy and forget when was the last time I watered them, so they tend to be a bit leggy, and my orchid hasn’t bloomed in two years (since I got it as a gift). My staghorn fern even got mites, and it is still making its slow recovery, but I keep trying, and hoping for the perfect sunny apartment (maybe I’m a plant, too – I love natural light).

My resources for gardening information tend to be wherever I happen to stumble across it. More often than not, this has been the You Bet Your Garden radio show. I also have a book that I hope to put to use one day, Fruit Trees in Small Spaces. Much of my inspiration comes from blogs, tumblr, and Pinterest, though – I get overwhelmed with the bright greenery of Joelix and the Urban Jungle Bloggers that they founded! Please share with me your favorite plant resources and inspiration – I would love to see all your beautiful plants!

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