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Hazel Zine Preorders!

Welcome to the blog!

Hazel has begun to take form over many months, and we’re so happy to be launching today! This blog will always be home base, but the zine is what it’s all about. Preorders are now open via our Kickstarter campaign for a 28-page illustrated Hazel, complete with a pull-out poster and other goodies at various reward tiers. We can’t wait to finally share this project with you, and hope you’ll enjoy this guide to living a slightly more magical life.

Expect updates over the coming month when we’re able to place the order with the printers and work on our special patches and extras you’ll be receiving as a backer to our project. In the mean time, every Thursday and Sunday, Melissa and I will be sharing our witchy finds here on the blog, and you can always follow our Pinterest board for whatever we’re seeing across the internet.

We are so excited to be launching, and we hope you’ll help back Hazel to make our dreams come true! We can’t do it without you!

Lucy & Melissa

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