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Everyday Magic: Pastel Hair

Of all the things I’ve worn, and all the ways I’ve adorned myself, I myself am surprised that I’ve never dyed my hair. Having darker hair does make it a little more challenging – I’m sure if bleach wasn’t involved, I would have tried it a few times by now. But lately, the thing that consistently has been bringing the most magic to my tumblr dashboard (and even beyond) is pastel hair.

There are so many options, with straightforward colors like pink, lilac, and blue being less common these days than the more nuanced in-between shades like ash, dusty rose, peach, faded aqua, and yellow-y seafoam. Perhaps these subtle shades make pastel hair more wearable for everyday life, but I find these to be even more magical, personally. They give a feeling of atmosphere, of a certain time of day, of a certain angle of sunlight, maybe just after dawn or just before twilight.

My favorite thing about a bit of “everyday magic” is how it can be the sole catalyst for a complete mood change. An outfit can be completely and utterly normal, but wearing it with a supernatural aqua-colored mane, for example, transforms the look into something suggesting a hidden magic, a latent potential. I’d like to use it as a message when I wear it. I imagine myself wearing my prescribed work clothes as I walk across the city, typical and unexpressive, and then, as a beacon to all my kindred witches around me, my peach-colored tresses would beam out to them, “We’re alike. We should be friends.”

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