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Hazel Kickstarter: Mood Video

Hazel: Witch Zine

Melissa and I have been excited to see the response to the project on Facebook and social media – but Hazel doesn’t get printed without backers to our Kickstarter! Please donate to the project to help get us printed and in your hands! There are great rewards that we’re excited to bring you, or you can just chip in to help at any amount – it will always be greatly appreciated, and every new backer warms our hearts and pushes us onward.

Have you seen our mood video on the project page? Hannah Lieberman, a good friend of mine, did the backing track and that’s me singing in there. I just did one take, since I liked the feeling of imperfection and spontaneity. I wanted to show you in the video a little of the world in which Hazel lives, and some of my artwork-in-progress for the book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it! If you did, you might enjoy the International Mori Fashion and Lifestyle group on Facebook. It’s a small community of people around the world who enjoy the mori-girl or mori-kei aesthetic, a Japanese style meaning “forest girl” or “forest style,” which involves lace, layering, and very soft-colored and textural looks. Mori girl blogs have been a big influence on Hazel. I love the idea of someone who looks like some kind of forest spirit or cottage-dweller.

What kind of witch are you? Do you see yourself in mori girl? Do you eschew fashion altogether?

Thanks for stopping in today, and I hope you have a lovely week! Don’t forget to join us on Kickstarter!

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