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Pomme Pomme

Hello, Everyone!

I am delighted to meet with you here at Hazel Zine! For my very first blog post, I would like to introduce you to the pomegranate. Ever since I can remember, it has continued to be my favorite fruit in existence. There is no greater pleasure than to grab a handful of juicy seeds and stuff them into my mouth. As they burst, vibrant red rivers trickle down my face and a few flying splatters cover the area like a crime scene. The sweet yet sour taste of these fruits make it a perfect afternoon snack!

Pomegranates are medium sized fruits that appear spherical to the human eye, but are slightly hexagonal in shape. Grown on small trees, which need to be pruned like shrubs, pomegranates are ripened in the late summer and early winter months. They need a very warm climate to grow, and are believed to have originated within the fertile crescent.

As a pattern designer, I first noticed pomegranates used as a common motif in Ottoman art and textiles. With further research, I found that they symbolize health, fertility, and immortality. In ancient Anatolian culture, pomegranate trees are known to be found in the “Gardens of Paradise,” representing the perfection of nature. Perhaps it’s reputation of immortality is due to its habit to remain evergreen throughout the seasons.

They are delicious alone, but I also love them as garnishes. Due to it’s high source of energy, the juices are saved to make sherbets and molasses, which compliment salads and wheat-based dishes as well.

Learning about them inspired me to create this watercolor pattern of pomegranates and it’s leaves. I chose light pastel colors for a pleasant, summertime feel. It’s hard not to love this amazing fruit, especially since they appear to be wearing a crown!


Melissa Misa


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