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A Guide to Turkish Coffee

Greetings, Witches!

If you love coffee and like to try new things, then this weeks post is just for you. So come sit down and grab a cup because one coffee doesn’t make us friends, maybe two…

Ancient proverb states that “coffee comes from Yemen, the nightingale from the meadow.” Now-a-days, coffee is harvested and distributed all around the globe, but how was it first discovered? According to legend, a 10th century goat herder noticed how snacking on red berries from a certain tree made his goats dance throughout the night. Perhaps not so much for dancing, we often like to grab a cup of joe to wake us up in the mornings. Or in the case of Turkish coffee, having a sip at any given opportunity to sit and chat with friends.

With the appropriate amount for servings: water, sugar, and coffee grounds are stirred and brought to simmer inside a copper ‘cezve.’ The unfiltered mixture is poured into little cups known as ‘fincan’ and the grounds gradually settle. A layer of foam indicates if the coffee is fresh! More often than not, coffee is served after meals and with a side of “lokum” Turkish Delight.

Once it’s consumed and all that remains are the grounds, the coffee plate is placed top down on the rim of the cup. Holding them together between two fingers and a thumb, the cup is flipped upside down with a quick flick of the wrist and placed aside to settle. This allows the grounds to fall within the cup and create a coffee “fortune.”

Once the bottom has cooled, the cup is lifted off the plate and given to a “reader,” who observes the shapes created within the cup. These are often identified as symbols with meaning towards the future. This ritual is meant to be lighthearted and fun. Friends often see signs of future travel destinations or summer flings within the grounds. Common symbols include:

bird- good news

crescent moon-  good luck

flower- happiness

spider- financial success

fish- career achievement

dog- faithful friend

Only one reader is allowed to observe your fortune and you must rinse your cup immediately after in order for the fortune to come true!

Happy Brewing,

Melissa Misa

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