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Anole Season

Good Evening, Witches!

As you know, it is summer time and depending on your region, you can always find cute little critters making their appearance within the habitat we share =) If you have been in the south, you are familiar with the anole lizards, who usually like to lounge around porches and amongst the potted plants looking for small insects to snack on.

They are about the size of your index finger, and usually quite shy.  The ones I spot around my hometown Savannah are vibrant green, making them easy to blend into the foliage. However, they sometimes scurry onto tree barks or wrought iron fences, making them an object of my desire.

I love to get a closer look and say hello. The males immediately puff out their bright red throat fan when I approach. This is a sign of territorial attitude or possible flirtation, depending on the situation. Like me, these creatures thrive in warm weather and sunshine. We can thank them for being our pest control! Since they mostly feed upon small insects.

Next time you see an anole, say hello!

Melissa Misa

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