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Mouses Houses

Hazel - Witches' Lifestyle Blog

If you grew up reading Beatrix Potter books or the Redwall series, if you built fairy houses in the woods, or if you played with little tiny creatures like the Sylvanian Families, perhaps you know the imagination and wonder of looking at the world as if you were very very small. I always loved finding new uses for bottle caps and marbles that maybe my Beanie Babies could use for something in their home, or that a fairy might enjoy. When I see the incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship of Maggie Rudy, I feel fully immersed into a little scene created just for joy and imagination to flourish. I love the soft commemoration of everyday moments, made wondrous and comforting that fill her blog, and her two works The House that Mouse Built and MousesHouses. I hope it makes a lovely start to your week to take a peak into her studio here and here.

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