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Constellations in Stitches – Haptic Lab Quilting Kits

Humans have been looking to the stars for meaning for as long as we’ve been alive. Whether a heavenly reflection of the earth, a meeting place for the gods, or a good way to tell time and navigate, the stars have always provided to our inquisitiveness, and been a place for our imagination.

So, seeing Haptic Lab’s constellation quilt kit (http://www.hapticlab.com/collections/diy-kits/products/diy-constellation-quilt-large also available already stitched by them) has inspired my awe and excitement. I have loved constellation and celestial patterns since they first started to become popular, and I don’t know if I can stop liking them. There’s a sense of magic, a reminiscence of staring up at a clear night sky in a very dark and quiet place, that enters the fringe of my thoughts and sparks joy in me.

Quilting is such a good hands-on pastime, too, and the tactile nature and requisite attention to detail makes something that feels so rewarding when finished. I feel an affinity for processes that connect us to our pasts, and let us learn how to be self-reliant. Charting the stars stitch by stitch feels especially like a Hazel project to me.

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