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Halloween Readings

Book of Spells, featured on Hazel: Witches' Lifestyle Blog

Update: Melissa has been finishing the grad program for Fibers, and Lucy has just moved to Brooklyn! It’s been crazy busy with shipping out the zines and having full-time work, so we want to apologize for the lack of posts recently. We hope to amend that soon! Now, on to today’s post:

I can’t believe it’s almost time for Halloween! All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Day, and Day of the Dead all have wonderful history and traditions, mostly related to keeping away evil spirits (frightening them with scary costumes and masks) and paying respects to the those who have passed away. I’m sad to see October (my favorite month in my favorite season) go by, but I’m so excited for the festivities at the very end! Here are some nice mini-comics you can curl up with while you wait for the big day(s)!

#1: Book of Spells (pictured above)
Angelica Blevins’s little book with recipes and spells for things like Embarrassment, Friendship, and Good Dreams felt like the perfect accompaniment to Hazel. I think she did it even better than I did! I love her humorous and practical magical recipes, and I highly recommend that you try some of them out!

Doors Closing, featured on Hazel: Witches Lifestyle Blog

#2: Doors Closing
Kelsey Short’s spooky story takes place on the subway of a city, where our main character can see all the eerie little ghosts and spirits that crawl around when no one is looking. Definitely a good read for a city witch!

Jen Tong's Witch Book, featured on Hazel: Witches' Lifestyle Blog

This incredible little accordion book by Jen Tong didn’t have a name. It’s beautifully screen-printed in several colors, all done by hand. This wordless journey through a magical world is more atmospheric than narrative, and I half want to display it on my shelf, and half want to keep it in the plastic to protect it forever. So so beautiful!

Botanica Tarot Deck, featured on Hazel: Witches' Lifestyle Blog

#4: Botanica Tarot Deck
Not a comic or story, but Kevin Jay Stanton’s Botanica tarot deck is beautiful! I received 3 cards from him (although I can’t seem to find the beautiful print that I purchased at the same time, and it’s breaking my heart!), and I can’t wait to see the completed collection. I highly recommend it for my forest witches, and anyone who enjoys dark and lovely plant illustrations.

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