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Sewing Familiars: Mr. Finch

Mr. Finch featured on Hazel: Witches' Lifestyle Blog

Making larger-than-life animal and insect sculptures, creating new and charming things from old rich textiles, having a beautiful sense of color and style, and creating new spaces for fiber arts are all things that I admire in and of themselves, but all together, they are incredible. Mr. Finch started his work creating a forest of hand-sewn creatures that have a storybook feel to them, and I quickly gained a fondness for his work.

Now, the Yorkshire-based artist makes strange imagined creatures and mish-mashes of things that grow┬áin the woods that inspire the imagination and seem to tell their own stories. It’s amazing to think he has no formal training in textiles, and perhaps will encourage you to try your hand at creating the world you see inside.


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