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Hazel Issue 3 – Preorders via Kickstarter Close Tomorrow!

Check out the new issue of Hazel here! 

We’re so excited to bring you the third issue, this time with a beautiful antique ivory paper, and 26 amazing contributors inspired by the theme: Magic Words. Today is the last day to preorder the zine via Kickstarter, and then it will be up in the shop. Check out the Kickstarter link above for details about this fabulous new issue.

Another big piece of news for Hazel: this website will be closing, and I’m bringing the Hazel story to my personal website, LucyKagan.com . As you may have seen, this website is infrequently updated, difficult to navigate, and not really serving Hazel as well as the sites closer to my heart such as the Pinterest board and the @cottonbook Instagram page. The best source for Hazel content lately has been there, and will continue to be, so I’m working on creating a new part of my website where Hazel can thrive and grow. Following me on Instagram will be the number one way to get updates on when the new Hazel site is coming and how it gets updated, so I hope you join me and the Hazel coven over there for lots more fun!

Best wishes,

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